Patient Centric Nuclear Stress Testing in Your Office

Portable equipment and office space leases, which allow you to offer cardiac stress tests in your office(s).

Mobile diagnostic cardiac imaging a revenue source at no cost to you

“Our mission is to provide your patients with a quality, diagnostic, cardiac stress test in a convenient and comfortable surrounding .”

Cardiac Imaging in Your Office

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Services provides portable equipment and office space leases, which allow physicians to offer cardiac stress tests in their offices, eliminating the need to refer patients to physicians outside of the practice. This, in turn, allows for greater continuity of care for your patients and dramatically increased positive health outcomes. With skyrocketing costs and shrinking reimbursements, physicians are under pressure to develop new revenue streams to maintain thriving practices. In-office cardiac imaging is the single most efficient and effective way practices can add to their bottom line, while significantly improving the quality of care offered to their patients.


Comprehensive Cardiovascular Services offers portable equipment and office space leases.
Lease terms range from one visit every six weeks to several visits every week, and everything in between. Your patient volumes dictate the number of visits your practice needs. Our Full-Service includes the cardiac camera, stress equipment, technologist, medical assistant, and all necessary medical supplies. Patient precertification is provided at no additional charge, as is procurement and disposal of all radio-pharmaceuticals. Study interpretation is done by a Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologist with a report turn around time of 48 hours or less.


  • Quality diagnostic testing with a state of the art triple head digital nuclear camera
  • Testing is done by our staff of certified, highly trained, experienced Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Studies are interpreted by our Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologists
  • We are fully accredited by the IAC, meeting the standards required by Medicare and commercial insurance providers, nationwide
  • New revenue stream for your practice


  • Staff, equipment, isotope and pharmacological stress management
  • A prior authorization worksheet for patient selection
  • Appropriate use criteria for ordering nuclear stress testing
  • Education materials for patients in English and Spanish
  • Staff education on pharmacological stress testing


  • Comfortable, upright scanning for patients up to 500 pounds, bariatric, claustrophobic and COPD patients.
  • Faster imaging time than other cameras, up to 50% faster
  • Done in a familiar setting to your patients – your office

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